Sunday, 7 August 2011

Happy Fasting......

Assalamulaikum, everybody... (tetibe kn... hahaha...)

Happy fasting to all my friends... May Allah bless all of us and accept our NICE WORK along this 
Ramadhan... Amin....

So, what's up? Anyone already leave their fast? Hahaha... For girls it's normal, but for you BOYS..... I'm not sure what happened to you.. Maybe you should go to see a doctor and tell HER what was happened. :)

Thinking about Hari Raya that will be arrive soon (yippee..........), my mum already bought me 2 pairs of baju kurung (before fasting )! Thanks Ibu... Love you so much..... <3

And our theme for this year Hari Raya is grey... I never seen the green baju kurung  yet and I hope it is great and beautiful just like me.... (please.... or I will not wear it..) 

Talking about clothes to waer for Hari Raya, I'm wondering how this year Hari Raya going happen? Yeah... I'm already 'big' (but not that big! ngeee~~~). And I really hope its going to be fun. And the most interesting part is rendang hitam kerang cooked by my lovely grandmother.... Nyummy,....... Can't wait for that... Oh, rendang kerang! You made me crazy right now...

It's looks tasty, right? But, my wan's rendang is the greaters of all. Hahahaha....Ok, done talking about rendang. It's makes me want to go home now and force my grandmother to cook it right now. OMG!!!!

 Really excited about this year Hari Raya and I really hope everything goes as what we are plan. And the most important part here, remember for those who are unlucky. Thay also want to celebrate Hari Raya but they are not afford to celebrate as we are..

HAPPY FASTING EVERYBODY.....  Love from me... <3

~Caroline Senpai~ 

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