Saturday, 24 September 2011

I Met My Favourite Band.............

Ok, maybe I'll sound like a girl who is very fanatic with some particular artist. But, who cares...... AAK???? hahaha..... OMG!!! I still can't believe it.

Yesterday, I've got a chance to attend a gig. And guess who were performed??

Azwin Andy,

Richel L. Gimbang,


Haiya.. What happened with this picture. I already rotate it. hurm....

n Din Hormatov,

from ESTRANGED.................

You know what, I'm so excited. I felt like I can't caught my breath every time I heard the beat of drum from AZWIN ANDY....

Only Allah knows how happy am I got a chance to see him on stage yesterday.. And you know what, I'v got a chance to have a 'short time' chat (is it right?? hahaha) with En. Andy after the gig end.


I have a fantastic Saturday yesterday... Thanx to both of my beloved friends, Raja Nurul Amira Raja Yahya and Farihin Fadzilah because accompany me to attend the gig (even they don't like rock and metal music). Thank you so much, I love both of you. and thank you Estranged for tickets.

~Caroline Senpai~


Anonymous said...

estranged? yucks!

Anonymous said...

And u all those pop n ballad?? 10,000 yucks!!