Tuesday, 18 October 2011

More Business Coming Up..

Hey, friends....

Good news here... There are more businesses coming up by at the end of this November. Some of you might know that I'm already run contact lenses business... Alhamdulillah... It's going pretty well. Thanks to all my family members and friends for your support. Kind of appreciate that.. :)

For next business, insyaallah I'm going to sell imported perfumes, make up and so much more. It's kind of interesting, right? My aunt wants me to help her husband in this business. Hope, it goes well and I'm so excited to start my business.. Means that, I'm making my BUSINESS BIGGER.... hehehee...

It's a good starts for me as I really want to open a beauty centre soon. I already have my business's logo. I asked my friend designed for my IT subject when I was studied diploma. Credit to Dafi..  I'll publish it right after I start the new business..

So my dear friends and supporters, just stay tune. And don't stop from support me and my business.. Much love from me..

~Caroline Senpai~ 

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