Thursday, 16 June 2011

Midnight Activity (Amsonia)

Just now, I did 2 makeover for my buddies. Thanks to Nurul Amira Yahya and Qaseh Iyra for willingly being my models for these makeover. Luv both of you damn much.. Muahx100000........

First, I want to show what I did to Amira. For her, as she asked I did natural makeover. She doesn't like kind of daring makeup. I don't have any serious problem with her. She has good skin and nice eyelashes. Ready for the close up?

Before the makeover

Are you ready? Tadaaaaa.......

After the make over

More pics...

For Iyra, she loves daring colors so much. She asked me to apply turquoise eyeshadow. Iyra's problem, her lips is not really good in shape. So, I made something to shape it. And her eyes are beautiful but I have some difficulties to apply eyeshadow. I don't have her photo before the makeover. So, I just show you the photo after the makeover.

What do you think? Nice? Cool? Or maybe there are not good enough? There are just another 'try out'. Maybe can do better next time.

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