Monday, 6 June 2011

My Buddy;s Engagement Day

On 4th of June 2011, my friend, Siti Nur Fatihah engaged with her beloved ones, Faizal. Thanks to Allah, everything went smoothly.

On that day, I have to do something that I thought was the most craziest thing I ever done in my life. She asked me to be her 'mak andam' (makeup artist). Ok, fine! I take it as a challenge. It was a good start for me to see either I can do it or not. Before this, I just did make over for my friends. I never did something like this before. It just a huge and very challenging duty for me.

Below is her picture before I do the make over.

And below, after the make over.. Tadaaa.....

What do you think? Am I good in make over people? Do you think that I can go far in beauty industry? I do appreciate your comment and suggestion.

Ok, from now on, if anybody wants me to be her mak andam, just leave me a message.



ur truly frend said...

seriously awesome..although b4 this i personally think u got quite heavy make up for urself,yet i guess tht's ur identity..and seems like u can make up other people well.. p/s: dont go for something like cukur kening in this business..sbb dlm bidang ni,utk mendapat keberkatanNya,benda yg haram elakkan ..moga ika jalani bidang ni dgn jalan yg benar..aminnn.

Caroline Senpai said...

Thnx buddy for the compliment. Tp I x wat la cukur2 kening. Nk cukur kening pn x tau... hehehe...